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hi guys

Is anyone Looking for books?
I am going through my books and will be getting rid of the majority of them! I have almost everything! LOL There are over 200 Huge Tyson ...

Car wreck near West High
Anyone hear of a bad wreck with fatalities today near West High?

I'll Never Get Tired of Reruns of "The Green Mile"
And the story of John Coffey..Like the drink, but not "spelt" the same....Sadly we've lost so many of this wonderful group of a...

80s and 90s pictures
Hello, all! I grew up in Wilkes in the 80s and 90s, and as we know, most of the places we went to are long gone or changed. I'm very inte...

Mr. Halloran, what IS in Room 237?

Gram Parsons
I wish that Gram Parsons could finally be accepted as a great artist. And elected to both the Country and Rock and Roll Halls of Fame.

So no one is familiar with the man in black?
Still haven't figured out if he is real or not

Bob Harper
This might already be on here and I've missed it. Bob Harper, one of the healthiest men in America, had a heart attack at 51!!! http://ww...

Mary Tyler Moore dead at 80
http://www.nbcnews.com/pop ...80 n712146 celebrity/mary tyler moore television legend dead 80 n712146

Gunsmoke fans
METV will start airing the old 30 minute episodes this coming Monday at 1:00 PM and 1:30 PM. http://metv.com/schedule/2017 01 02

Oh crap! ****
Note from GoNC: Spoiler Alert!

Can you get this if you only have charter internet and not there cable TV. I try to get it but it won't let me watch the shows that is lock.

Florence Henderson
RIP.... the Brady kids are all orphans now

JayZ & Katy Perry?
Really? What kind of F'ing circus is this....?

New TV Shows
Anything new you just can't miss? I'm catching up on Designated Survivor, but I'm not 100% committed yet. We love comedies but it seems t...

The Walking Dead returns tonight
Who gets killed???

Movie help
There is a movie I can not remember the title of. It is about an older lady who owned a restaurant and put out fliers to give it away to ...

FBI investigation
earlier on msn homepage it said that the FBI is opening an investigation into Brad Pitt & what happened on their private plane. This ...

With everything going on in the world, why is the media so obsessed with Brangelena?
Who cares?!?


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