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Question About WIFI


Posted 12:34 am, 08/17/2018

To OP, unplug it!
To emmat, could be due to the earthquake. Joking I have no idea. But did read there really was an earthquake in this area.


Posted 6:19 pm, 08/12/2018

I have another question about WiFi. I have an Apple Smart Phone and for the last two days I am having problems with pages being loaded quickly (or sometimes not at all). I have Charter/Spectrum internet and a Linksys EA4500 router. When Charter hooked my system up, they said it would be fine to use the Linksys. I have been in the area of Carolina West (my service) yesterday and all apps loaded fast, came back to the house and again slow uploading. In settings I clicked OFF to wifi and all apps loaded fast. I hit the reset button on the back of router, and that did not help. Could you give me some advice as what to do next. I believe it appears that it is the router, but not sure. Thanks for anyone's help.


Posted 8:09 am, 08/12/2018

You can turn off the router if you feel that something may happen while you are away. It should be plugged into a surge protector so if something did happen it would trip the protector and not hit your equipment. If it isn't plugged into a surge protector, I would look into buying one for your protection. Just turn it off while you are away and then when you get back home just turn it back on. You will not mess anything up by doing this.


Posted 10:19 pm, 08/11/2018

Would it be okay to leave it on if you were going on a 2 week trip? What if lightning ran in on it?


Posted 2:48 pm, 08/11/2018

The main question would be; how would you turn it back on when you were ready to use it? If it was turned off due to inactivity, you would have to have a way for it to turn back on when you were ready to use it. Due to this, I have not seen a WiFi solution that allows this. What would be your need for something like this?


Posted 10:07 pm, 08/10/2018

Is there a WIFI that you can turn off if you are not using it for a while? Or can you do this with any WIFI?

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