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Any experience with Pitcher Plants?


Posted 6:59 pm, 05/08/2021

Try them different ways and see what works...sounds like you will just have to experiment.. Good Luck !


Posted 3:18 pm, 05/08/2021

My original plan was to put it in a 7" diameter x 7" tall nursery pot with 'pitcher plant potting soil", then sit it in a bird bath with 2-3" of water. Then I could stack river rock around the pot to hide it, and fill in the rock with Creeping Jenny (I have tons, and it will grow in water).

But the lady that sent me the rhizomes doesn't think this is a good idea, and said that having it sitting in water would rot the rhizome. Which is the opposite of everything else I've read, but following the online instructions before didn't seem to work so now I'm kinda lost

She's in Georgia, though, so what works for her might not work for me at all. That's why I'm hoping that someone local might have some suggestions.

If they survive then I'll probably be splitting them all up next year, Robeson


Posted 2:38 pm, 05/08/2021

Keep us posted...I would love to have some. They are beautiful.!


Posted 1:51 pm, 05/08/2021

Haha, that's from Wikipedia The one I bought last year never opened.

sparkling water

Posted 1:34 pm, 05/08/2021

What camera did you use to take that Pitcher of the Plant ??


Posted 1:27 pm, 05/08/2021

I understand that these are actually native to our general area, but I'd never even heard of them until last year! They're a carnivorous plant, sorta like a Venus Flytrap:

Do any of you have experience growing them locally? I keep reading that they're supposed to sit in shallow standing water (like 1/4" in a saucer) and have full sun, but the one that I bought last year did pretty poorly in that setting and then died over the winter. When I pulled the soil apart a few weeks ago, the rhizome was completely gone!

A lady sent me 15 rhizomes (I expected 1 or 2!!), so now I'm trying to figure out the best way to get them to grow.

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